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How to speed up a micro-benchmark 300x

How to speed up a ubenchmark 300x Static Hermes: How to Speed Up a Micro-benchmark by 300x Without Cheating This is the first of a series of light blog posts about Static Hermes, covering topics that I find interesting or amusing. It is not intended to be a systematic introduction to Static Hermes design.Consider it more like a backstage pass to the quirks, features, and “aha!” moments that make Static Hermes unique. If you’re not familiar with Static Hermes, it’s an evolving project we’re working on to explore the confluence of static typing and JavaScript. It is work in progress, but we’re excited about the possibilities it opens up for performance improvements and more. For more background: Tweet with the slide deck of the Static Hermes announcement Previous talk about Hermes Contents: Meet interp-dispatch.js Let’s Run It! Static Hermes with Untyped Code Helping the Compiler Other Ways to Help the Compiler Some Observations Revisiting The Origina