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Apple2TC: an Apple II Binary to C Decompiler - Part 5

 This is part 5 in a series of posts describing Apple2TC.  The start is in  Part 1 . Part 4 described the Apple II hacks we had to deal with, in order to get the decompiled version of Applesoft BASIC working. This part is a quick update on getting two Apple II games to work - Robotron 2084 and Snake Byte. Robotron 2048 After all the effort we went through for the BASIC ROM, Robotron 2048 was shockingly easy. First, we ran a2emu to collect runtime data: a2emu --collect --limit=30000000 robotron.b33 > robotron.json In the emulator, the game title screen appeared, we eagerly pressed spacebar, getting us to the control selection screen, selected keyboard, and we were off. The game is pretty challenging, but we managed to play a little before dying and closing the emulator. With the so collected runtime data, first we decompiled the binary to 6502 assembler: apple2tc --run-data=robotron.json robotron.b33 > robotron.lst Then to C (with the "simple" backend): apple2tc --simpl