Friday, November 13, 2009

Android ... not so great after the honeymoon

Android is really starting to annoy me. Really, although I want to like it. I have about 30 applications and every week I get about a dozen or so app updates. For each and every one of them I have to click several times and wait for the update to complete. It is time consuming and extremely annoying. And it never stops!

So, one, there isn't a way to auto-update all applications. Two, it feels like developers for Android are constantly pushing out buggy unfinished apps, and then updating them all the time. I mean, I sometimes get two-three updates of the same app within a week. People, test your god-damned apps before publishing them, and Google, please provide a way to update all apps.

In short, my attitude towards Android has definitely changed for the worse since I actually have an Adroid Phone. Initially it was awesome, compared to my previous phone a Motorola Razr. But we bought an iPhone for my wife at approximately the same time that I got my G1, and I have had an ample chance to compare the two since then. Although I would never buy an iPhone for myself on ideological grounds, I grudgingly have to admit that the iPhone is a superior phone! Damn it.

Although I would never admit it (oops, I just did), I catch my self "casually" wanting to use my wife's iPhone for browsing the web, or looking at photos, or what not, because it is simply better than the Android.

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